Let’s get drilling, don’t waste time.

Let’s get drilling, don’t waste time. Get your own water today to secure clean mineral water for your family: Call us: 039 315 1036 Email us: Info@NationalDrilling.co.za Visit us: https://www.nationaldrilling.co.za

Save you cash!

If you’re a large water user such as a business, then you can save considerable amounts on your water bills by using a private supply or water borehole. Some large users of water, like dairy farms, manufacturing plants, power stations, food and beverage producers, can find that the investment in a borehole supply pays for […]

Professional and Reliable Borehole Service!

Wanting to be independent, self-sufficient and controlling your utility bills by using your own Borehole Water, National Drilling is the solution. We are the best Borehole Drillers in the business so you know you are getting an excellent and trustworthy service. Borehole water is usually far more unpolluted and purer than the water provided by […]