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Let us assist with your Bore Holes!

Commercial and domestic, large and small, there are many uses for borehole water, have your Borehole drilled by us and ensure you have your own water at hand ALWAYS! 039 315 1036  

It’s your year to get a Borehole drilled!

We can assist and get it drilled in a professional and reliable way. Send us an email to and don’t be left dry this New Year.  

Not only do we Drill Boreholes…

Not only do we Drill Boreholes but we also specialise in : • Air percussion • Rotary mud • Odex & Symmetrix Drilling • Submersible & Line shaft Testing • Pump & Tank Stand Installations View our Website on for more information on how we can assist you.  

Water, refreshing water…!

If that’s what you need, then a borehole is what can provide for you. Call us today for a quote on 039 315 1036.  

Don’t be left dry…

Let us get drilling! Never become water-less again get your Borehole drilled today, call us on 039 315 1036 and let us assist you!