Be smart, get a borehole drilled today!

Getting a borehole drilled on your property may seem like a very confusing and time consuming process. With National Drilling on your side you don’t need to worry, with our highly skilled staff we are more than capable of getting your borehole drilled in a professional and timely manner. Feel free to contact us to […]

What do YOU need water for?

To irrigate your garden and top up the swimming pool? To provide household water to a small rural community or a farm household? Whatever your requirements are, nothing beats a source of self-sufficient water right where it’s needed. Drilling a borehole requires some research and planning. At National Drilling, we get multiple calls from clients […]

Save on your monthly water bill! Get a Borehole drilled today!

Here are just a few benefits of having a borehole: • Households and communities with boreholes are self sufficient • Water from a borehole is available around the clock • Borehole Water Allows You to Reduce Your Municipal Cost Feel free to contact us to find out more. Phone: 039 315 1036 Email:

Are you in need of some water solutions?

Have you ever thought about the advantages of having a Borehole drilled? Here are just a few advantages of having one: Self-Sufficiency: The water that borehole’s produce is sitting dormant in the ground, naturally accumulating from rainfall and underground sources. Making use of it means that you’re simply utilizing an unused resource. This also means […]